Sokratischer Versuch über politische Kontingenz

“Sokratischer Versuch über politische Kontingenz” gathers seven different sculptures.

These are: 1. Solar 2. Internationalisms-Tub 3. Neo-Socialistic Heads 4. Sokratic Strings, Prepared Guitar and Kinetic Speakers 5. Boxes of Work 6. Post-Anthropocentric Yucca-Plant.

All the sculptures are referencing different discourses and work with the translation of sound into the movement of motors, which create sound again.

The sculptures find themselves in a dialogue about the current situation of the political, “discuss” about different questions: Equality, Nature-protection, Post-Anthropocentrism, Internationalism, Renewable Energies, Climate Change and Neo-Socialism.

The discussion rests on the questions, if contingency, as proposed by philosopher Richard Rorty, can serve as a humus for the discussion and bring about a new connection between the different discourse and actors.

It is a discussion that is physical, which uses of different approaches to “reading”: Bathing in text, reading of text through metal, hearing text etc.

The recipient is invited to playful, sonic discussion around the political potentials of contingency.

House of Representatives, Mainz, Germany. September,14th – October, 14th, 2017.

Supported by Sibylle Kalkhof-Rose Stiftung