Playstation 4200

Here you can see the Playstation 4200, which is a quite recent work (Jannuary 2014) that was created for the Opening Festival 2014 in Trier.

Playstation 4200 show 1 Playstation 4200 show 2


Playstation 4200 is an installation, constructed out of a table, a metal frame, 12 guitar-strings, 2 pickups, 2 headphones, 1 amplifier and different soundobjects.

Playstation 4200 is an applied investigation into the relationship of games and worldpictures. It deals with the thesis that every game needs an operating worldpicture, which is setting the axioms of the game. The worldpicture of a game does not only contain the onological settings of the game, e.g. that in football there is players and a ball but no peacocks, that the ball has to move through a metal frame, that there is 22 players etc, but also the anthropological configuration that underliying the game and enacted, practised in it. Moreover the human beeing that is playing a certain game is becoming part of a community and getting socialised in it by playing a game.

Playstation 4200 confronts the audience with a game that does not have a worldpicture. The audience is thrown back on itself, finding itself in a situation that asks for making up a worldpicture through the intuitive use of the game.

As human beeings think from different angles, it is possible to watch people making up their own, individual worldpictures while they are making sound on the Playstation 4200.