NICOLA L. HEIN – Gitarre


 Photo by Andreas Oskar Hirsch

The Duo 7000 Eichen plays free improvised music. They are using sonic ideoms and concepts, which can be conected to the term reductionism. The use of special ideosyncratic sounds and the atomized application of these forms the backbone of their aesthetic. In opposition to the tradition, these sonic concepts are executed on a very high dynamic and energetic niveau. The results is a music that is coined by a rich array of timbres and the fascination of highly energetic playing.

The guitarist, soundartist, philosopher and composer Nicola L. Hein is one of the busiest players on the German scene of improvised music. He plays the guitar with his
hands and plectrum but also with a lot of different objects: screws, rulers, iron wool, violin bow, abrasive paper, magnets and many other objects which are part of his
musical vocabulary. The result is his very own world of sounds, which is using the rich potential of the guitar as a creator of sounds. The manual creation is a very important
character of this sound world, which never gets distorted by the use of electronic effects.
He has collaborated with musicians like Evan Parker, Phil Minton, John Russell, Paul Lytton, Frank Gratkwoski, Michael Vorfeld, Rudi Mahall, Christian Lillinger,
Tobias Delius, Liz Allbee, Ute Wassermann, John Butcher, Axel Dörner, Thomas Lehn,Tristan Honsinger, Sofia Jernberg, Audrey Chen, Peter Jacquemyn, Alfred Zimmerlin etc.

Muche lives in Cologne and works as a trombone player and media artist. He studied Music and Art at the conservatories of Cologne and Amsterdam and works in a lot
of different formations: Timeart Ensemble, Männer mit Motoren, Multiple Choice Orchestra, das Mollsche Gesetzt, Nils Klein Tentett, Schäl Sick Brass Band. Also with
Misha Mengelberg, Sidsel Endresen, Larry Ochs, John Tilbury, Elliott Sharp, Michel Doneda, Nate Wooley and Robyn Schulkowsky.
As media artist Muche connects Contemporary Music and New Music and experiments with symbiotic, intertwined auditory and visual compositional processes, and
concepts presentation formats which motivate, intensify and feedback one another.
His solo- and ensemble work in Improvised Music, New Music, Jazz and Worldmusic brought him to Ankara Jazzfestival, Art Cologne, Cairo Festival, de:sonanz
Festival Skopje, Fri Resonans Festival Trondheim, GetItLouder Festival Beijing/Shanghai, Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival, ISCMS Festival Istanbul, Jazzdor Festival Straßburg,
Jazzfestival Saalfelden, Jazzwerkstatt Wien Festival, Journées Électriques Festival Albi, Mawazine Festival Rabat, Mediawave Festival Gyor, Mingus Festival
Jazzwerkstatt Berlin, moers festival, MonaFoma Festival Tasmanien, North Sea Jazz Festival, novembermusic Essen, nownow Festival Sydney, nozart Festival Köln,
PlaygroundRobotics Bern, Plaza-Festival Taipei, Re:new Digital Arts Festival Kopenhagen, Traumzeit Festival Duisburg and Umlaut Festival Paris as well as
Goethe Institut  tours to Middle East, Japan, Südkorea, Taiwan, China, Australien and India.