Rudi Mahall – clarinets
Nicola L. Hein – guitar
Adam Pultz Melbye – double bass
Christian Lillinger – drums


                                                                           Photo by Manuel Miethe

ROTOZAZA features four known improvising musicians from the German/International scene of improvised music: Rudi Mahall, Christian Lillinger, Adam Pultz Melbye and Nicola L. Hein.
Their music is created in the moment of the performance, without concepts or compositions being made beforehand. It is signified by interweaving Free Jazz and Soundimprovisation, which for a long time have been thought of as beeing the opposite poles of Free Improvised Music and therefore antagonists to each other. ROTOZAZA show that this contraposition is far from beeing a musical necessity and integrate their knowledge and connectedness with the Jazztradition and Free Jazz with Soundimprovisation and the use of extended techniques that marks out the European Creative Jazz.
The results is a fresh and unheared sound that profits of the wide musical spectrum, the inclination with fast contrapuntual interaction and compositional virtuosity of the players.

The CD ROTOZAZA – ZERO is out on Leo Records !