Lytton / Hein

Nicola L. Hein – guitar
Paul Lytton – percussion

“LYTTON-HEIN” plays free improvised music. Here one of the worldwide most renowned players of Free Improvised Music, Paul Lytton, meets one of the busiest players of the young generation of this music.

The extension of the traditional vocabulary of their instruments and the language of free improvised music form a strong basis which they use to create a landscape of sounds in which silence plays an important role. A highly sensitive communication and a nuanced movement within different sonic idioms are the backbone of their music.

This music is sceptic music: It asks itself what the realm of music is and if the sonic events that happen still belong to this realm or if they are already pointing somewhere else.
Their aesthetic endeavour results in a performative self-inquiry of the music which infuses the audible with a different and unforeseen meaning.



The album “Nahezu Nicht” of Lytton/Hein has been released on Creative Sources: