feedback | kNOw ledge

Viola Yip/ Nicola L. Hein:
feedback | kNOw ledge

This performative installation will bring you an immersive multi-sensorial constellations of feedback with visual, sonic and tactile vibrational energies. Inspired by German philosophers G.W.F. Hegel, Friedrich Nietzsche and media theorist Friedrich Kittler, Viola Yip and Nicola L. Hein follow several questions that were brought about by these thinkers: How does knowledge constitute itself? Does knowledge emerge in a feedback process? How do our “writing tools” work on our thoughts? Yip and Hein contemplate on the interrelationship between knowledge production and feedback processes with the means of their aesthetic concepts and ask, artistically, if feedback can be understood as a form of knowledge.

Made possible by the support of Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

Premiered in Hong Kong, July 2018